This is my very first blog. I don’t normally read or write for fun but i thought it would be a fun idea to write about my passion and adventures. I am a naturalist and about to graduate with my bachelors in “Environmental Studies”. I have become obsessed with animals, the environment, ecology and conservation. Living in Florida, you see a lot of cool wildlife but they are rare to see due to the type of animals that live in the state. You can spot foxes, black bears, bobcats, snakes, hogs, coyotes, red wolves, white tailed deer, alligators, a variety of birds and cranes, and if you are really lucky you can spot an endangered panther. On either side of the coasts, you can spot manatees and atlantic bottle nose dolphins on any type of boat or kayak. They feed on the bays so they are easy to spot! One of the main reasons why i am making this blog is to inform all of you the importance of conservation, my fascination with wildlife, my awesome encounters and the power, beauty and diversity of life that this awesome planet holds! We all live on the same planet and we all depend on each other for survival so let’s learn to appreciate, respect, and coexist.

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