Jobless Friday

Well, not exactly jobless because i do have a job working for parks and recreation but i have been looking for a new job these past few weeks. It’s tough when you are in a position like i am in, needing more money coming in and needing to finish college. I feel extremely pressured to finish college and get my degree but at the same time i feel more pressured in needing to find a better paying job. I am looking at any type of position that brings in more money but ideally, i would want something related to my field. Unfortunately experience is necessary nowadays and connections are as well. A lot of people have jobs that pay the bills and pay their luxuries but deep down, you can tell they aren’t happy. So many employees i run into everyday that have a “fuck off” written on their forehead. I sometimes feel like saying “if you hate your job, why did you even apply for that position?” But things aren’t always so black and white. In today’s economy, people need to find any job they can get their hands on because the job they want is never available. Even being an intern in some lab or animal sanctuary never guarantees you a permanent spot. Connections help and unfortunately i have very few in my field, and the ones that i do have require me to graduate first. I better tough it out, hope for the best, and continue to look for that job that is at least related in my field. That’s my best advice i can give to anyone that is in my position. In meantime, i have a few books i shall read that are very interesting and have great reviews: 1. Animals make us human, 2. 100 heartbeats, and 3. A walk in the woods. All these nature/animal related books have given me insights to a better future, a future where we can learn, enlighten and teach others. The more information we learn from all these different types of animals, the better we can understand our ecosystem and how these animals tie into our way of life. I had a dream last night, and from what i remember, i was in a lake with someone i never met and we were discussing the rainy season, floods and how it brought in all these mosquitoes. The stranger then told me how it tied to all the amphibians that were living on this lake and I’ll never forget what she told me. “It’s that tiny delicate balance that makes life possible on this planet”. I woke up in awe, i have never had a dream like this in my entire life and it was like god was talking to me, such an amazing experience to have. Until next time. Keep exploring, learning, and sharing!ImageImage


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