A brighter day!

This is a great day to be writing my thoughts and ideas because it is a day i can share my wonderful news. I am an assistant researcher at a ecology lab in a university. I am interning there so sadly, i do not get paid but i love the work i am doing there and the current project we are working are is amazing. The project we are working on is located on the reefs by key largo and our subjects are herbivorous reef fish. The goal of this project is to figure out the feeding, and behavior of these herbivorous reef fish. In recent years, there has been a decline in game fish, such as grouper, snapper, and other carnivorous reef fish, including sharks. Our goal is to understand the impact this is having on the herbivorous reef fish and on corals in general. The books say that without enough of these reef fish which feed on other fish, the herbivores become too much and end up killing corals. On top of that, corals start losing competition for space from cyanobacteria, algae, and other invertebrates. Without corals and coral reefs, there are no nurseries for baby fish and with no nurseries, there is no protection. This can cause devastating effects on the ecosystem. Well i have been working in this lab since October and this past monday was my last day because for summer the team goes to the keys to dive everyday and unfortunately i cannot join them because i do not have my scientific scuba license required for me to join. A bummer, i know. But the good news is this monday, my boss told me in july i can join the team in understanding the behavior and feeding habits because they are going to snorkel instead of scuba to try to not interfere as much as possible. I was beyond excited and so happy to hear such amazing news. I can get so much field work experience and put this impressive stuff on my resume! In a few weeks before i leave, i will buy a go pro camera and try to take awesome pictures to share. In the meantime, i have to complete a workshop on identifying reef fish and types of corals which is not boring at all, i love it. Hope to share with you all pictures and updates on this amazing experience soon. In the near future i shall bring up current topics of debate and issues on conservation and/or certain species. Stay tuned my friends, i am hoping to make this blog as exciting as it can be. Until then, adios!

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