Exotic species in texas?

I recently tuned in to the show 60 minutes and they were giving a special on ranches in Texas that had exotic species from Africa, Asia, and Europe that are either endangered in their native lands or completely extinct! The catch to this story is that the ranches are not wildlife sanctuaries but rather hunting grounds where people can book a day of hunting these wonderful and rare animals for as much as $7,500 dollars. Three of the owners of the ranches were interviewed and they claimed they were conservationists, and that if it wasn’t for the ranches, these species would ultimately disappear from the planet. On top of that, they were saying how by hunting these animals, they are conserving them. I personally have a very strong opinion about this topic. Just because you have endangered animals in your ranch does not give you the right to open hunting season so you can get a profit out of it and at the same time call yourself a conservationist. One of the owners said when it comes down to conservation, the only thing that matters is the numbers of the species. Technically he is right, conservation is about keeping a healthy number of a certain species to balance out the ecosystem and keep it healthy but at the same time these ranchers are abusing the term “conservation”. A true conservationist cares about saving species in a humane way. When a hunter or fisherman catches its prey, it is to be solely consumed and not treated as a trophy. I am myself a fisherman and it is one of my favorite activities but when i fish i try to do it the most humane way because if it wasn’t for these animals we would not have food on our planet. A true conservationist does not only preserve the species but also it’s habitat, while these ranchers who call themselves “conservationists” breed them just to be hunted. I strongly disagree with them because they give conservationists a bad name. It is wrong and very inhumane, the reason they do it is for profit not to preserve these species. I do not condone hunting and fishing as long as it is for consumption and not to be showed as a trophy prize. These wonderful animals deserve to live and not be used as a show case so people can go hunt them and these owners make a ton of money out of it. What is your opinion on this matter? I don’t mind having a friendly argument or hearing other opinions of this subject. This is their website http://www.texasexotichunting.net/index.html Until next time!

PS. here is a preview of the episode http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7396481n

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