Sunday funday

Greetings fellow bloggers, i know it’s been a while since i have posted a blog here but instead of posting a blog everyday, i decided to post when i most felt inspired to write. I felt if i were to write everyday, my blogs would just be nonsense and random postings. I want this blog to be meaningful, bring up current ecological and conservation issues or thoughts of a certain subject. I am currently reading the book “100 heartbeats” by Jeff Corwin. He was my favorite biologist to watch on tv when i was younger. He was funny, outgoing and seemed to love what he did. Besides Steve Irwin, he was another favorite of mine to watch on TV. One day i stumbled into a Barnes and Noble and was looking for a good book to read, i noticed “100 heartbeats” and thought “wow, i really wanna read what this book is about”. When i was paying for the book, the cashier remarked “oh wow, this seems like a pretty good book to read, too bad i am not too fond of Jeff Corwin”. I asked her why she thought of that and she told me her husband works at the zoo and heard that in Jeff Corwin’s show, Jeff would manipulate the environment or the animals to get the right shot for the camera. I thought she just heard rumors and i looked into it online and found nothing. I really wanted to know if it was true because i looked up to him just like most biologists or naturalists i see on television. In the end i found nothing and i know not everyone is perfect and if he did do those things it would be not to an extreme where animals would be harmed. Who knows in reality if it was true or not but either way i still payed for the book and started reading it. It’s a very interesting book that talks about certain species that are endangered, the fight and importance of conservation and his own thoughts on these experiences. On another note, i am eager for july to arrive already because that is when my expedition to the reefs start! Very excited on that. On a side note, i started teaching my dog to catch a Frisbee and i got a pretty good picture of her. Hope you guys enjoy it! One more thing i wanted to point out. I realized that people get a lot of traffic on there blogs because they post pictures and post often. Sadly i am not a photographer and i don’t post often but i can assure you guys, when i post something i will try my best to make it meaningful and interesting. As for pictures, i will try my best to post old stuff and new stuff. I will be taking a trip with my lovely girlfriend to a wildlife sanctuary in west palm beach next week so i will be making sure i take lots of pictures and get lots of interesting facts on the animals i see! Until then, have fun exploring, sharing and discovering.Image

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