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Dog and dolphins swimming together in Africa!


Dog and dolphins swimming together in Africa!

Hi guys, i know it has been way too long since I have last posted a blog or article. This summer has gotten extremely hectic with field work out in the keys and regular work back at the office. On top of all that, i have been carefully writing, editing, re-editing and finalizing an article I have wrote for StrictlyFishWrap. I am very excited to announce that this week (hopefully) StrictlyFishWrap will publish the article I have been working on for weeks. It will definitely be worth the read and I plan on writing more interesting articles related to ecology, wildlife conservation and awareness for them.

On other news, not that summer is winding down, I will have more spare time to blog on interesting, related topics with pictures. I have signed up for my open water certification (scuba) on Aug 31, 2012 and i could not be more excited to finally start scuba diving. When that day arrives, i will post plenty of pictures on the reefs we visit. Again, I apologize for not being up to date with blogs and pictures and videos.

When StrictlyFishWrap publishes my article, you guys will be the first that I’ll inform!

Until then, enjoy this awesome video of dolphins and a black Labrador enjoying each others company in the water. Amazing video!

Oh, and this weekend, I played some frisbee with my dog and got a pretty cool picture. Let me know if you guys enjoy the picture and video. Take care guys and hope everyone is keeping active on wildlife awareness, education and conservation!

Zoey enjoying the beautiful day, playing her favorite sport

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